Street performance in three parts bringing the mythic half-human half-beast Herne into the heart of the city. Next performance - July 2009 Christchurch Arts Festival

Die Henkel Spur
Mobile musical performance retelling the incredible story of maverick explorer Franz Henkel and his South Pacific travels.

Theatre and insitu-performances

Dean Parker's adaptation of Kafka's classic novel following the arrest of Joseph K. and his bureaucratic journey to self-preservation.
(new dates to be confirmed)

The Arsehole
Full-length drama examines how a white lie escalates into a web of deceits.
Premiered 2006 - Auckland. Receiving interest for 2013

Solo play with moving image and music brings together a dozen stories told to it's author by girls.
No current dates for performances
Multimedia Performance

Turbulent Flux
Gallery performance combining text, moving image and music, following the lives of people with similar experiences of constant movement.